The Next Mile Episode 5

In a Van Down by the River


Season 1, Ep. 5

Every time you get behind the wheel, do you know where you’re headed to next? 


When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses, or stopped at the pop-up apple stand on the side of the road? 


With the sudden resurge of “van life” in America, the idyllic dream of taking life into your own hands, living on a continuous adventure, and taking beautiful Instagram pictures along the way is becoming the reality of more and more people—especially Millennials. 


On today’s episode, I talk with David Clapper, co-founder and CEO of sCAMPer Van. He knows a thing or two about the wonders of exploring the open road in a van, and he takes us with him on this journey throughout our discussion. 


So, listen in and imagine where this road could take you. 

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July 2018

When I was a kid growing up in Texas, once a year my family and I would cram into our truck-top camper and head to the beach in Galveston, along the Gulf Coast


May 2018

Scamper Van was created after co-founder David was laid off from his career after 13 years ...


June 2018

Taking that dream drive just got a lot easier, thanks to this compact van rental and concierge service.

The Atlanta 100

May 2018

Scamper Van, the Southeast’s first compact camper van rental company, offers fully loaded camper vans for travel, festivals and exploration