Q: What is the delivery radius of sCAMPer Van 
A: Delivery has been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic.

Q: When can you pick up up your sCAMPer Van? 
A: Pick up time is scheduled at noon EST at the beginning of your trip and return is scheduled at 3pm at the end of your trip. However, other delivery times can be requested and are subject to availability. If an appointment time is set for Pick up OR return and renter is late - sCAMPer Van reserves the right to charge a late fee of $25 per hour.
Q: Is there a minimum and maximum rental period? 
A: sCAMPer Van requires a minimum of 2 nights to reserve at there are no maximum time periods at this time

Q: How many people can sCAMPer Van accommodate? 
A:  In Vans 7 and 11 there are 2 seatbelts for travel and 1 bed.  Van 6 has a bench seat and 3 lap belts for additional travelers. This van can travel with 5 but it is recommended for children 5+ or 60lbs & above.  Van 8, X and 12 can seat 4. Two seat belts in the front and two in back (with lap AND shoulder belts.)

Q: How big is the sCAMPer Vans?
A: All vans are built on the Promaster platform with all but Van X coming in at around 16 ft long. Van X is the 159 wheelbase and longer at 19ft long.  All vans will fit into most tent sites however are a minimum of 8' 6" tall and are NOT recommended for low hanging tree areas as well as parking garages or drive thru restaurants
Q: Does sCAMPer Van provide tents if needed? 
A: Scamper Van offers tent rental with any rental package for an extra charge of $20 per trip
Q: What is the charge for grocery delivery? 
A: A $25 delivery charge in addition to the food purchased will be added to your rental 
Q: What is mileage allowance per day?
A: Basic sCAMPer Van rental allows for 100 Miles per day.  Additional mileage is $.35 per mile unless Extra Mileage Package is purchased at $20 per 100 miles.  
Q: Does sCAMPer Van provide bedding for both beds? 
A: The basic Scamper Rental does come with bedding  -  sheets and blankets in all vans.

Q: What kitchen equipment is provided? 
A: all vans come with FREE kitchenware for your trip. 
Q: What is the lowest temperature for overnight Scampering? 
A: Overnights at below freezing temperatures can cause water in tank to freeze.  If freezing temps are expected, water tank must be drained.  
Q: Who do I call if there is an issue with the vehicle? 
A: A direct contact info will be given at time of rental
Q: Where can I find tutorial information on sCAMPer Van features 
A: Instructional Videos can be found on our HOW TO VIDEOS page 
Q: How can I reserve a sCAMPer Van
A: Booking is available on scampervan.com or call 833-SCAMPER for rental details or on our Book Now page on this website.
Q: Is sCAMPer Van considered an RV?? 
A: Yes but RV parking is NOT needed for overnight stays 
Q: Do I need a special license to drive a sCAMPer Van?
A: No - Just a state issued Driver's License 
Q: Are there age requirements to rent the sCAMPer Van?
A: Must be 25 years of age to rent a sCAMPer Van 
Q: Can I add an additional driver?
A: Yes and is strongly encouraged so you can enjoy the road from the passenger's seat too 
Q: Can I take sCAMPer Van to Mexico or Canada? 
A: Yes to Canada and no to Mexico 
Q: Does sCAMPer Van allow pets?
A: Yes - We love dogs but cats scratch things so keep kitty at home
Q: Is sCAMPer Van Kid Friendly?
A: Absolutely 
Q: Does sCAMPer Van have a bathroom?
A: Nope - Sorry.  

Q: What additional items does sCAMPer Van have to rent? 
A: Bikes, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Board, Hammocks, tents and more.  Visit the Scamper Services page for details
Q: Can I come to see your vans?
A: If we have one for you to view YES - by appointment only though.  Call for details.  



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