Australia Fire Relief

With all the firefighting going on in Australia, we’d be amiss to turn our winter beanie adorned heads and simply encourage you to go camp and build your own fires to keep warm while camping this season.


The tragedy happening is very real, severe and heavy on our hearts.

Most of us envision warm campfires and bonfires and they’ve become a kind of synonymous with camping. Roasty, toasty marshmallows or a nice cold beer while enjoying the hypnotic glow of those dancing flames. We all learned from our old pal Smokey the Bear that only WE can prevent forest fires. Friends, our people and animals, communities and lands Down Under are burning with such unfathomable destruction and devastation right now.

To ignore those flames while we inspire you to go out, camp and burn your own would feel even less responsible than walking away from unsettled ashes for the night at our sweet forest campsite. So here are some ways to help right now.


Change needs to happen, it starts with us, and here’s a bit we can do together to begin.




First Nations Communities Relief




Salvation Army Aus




Fire Service Brigade


How You Can Help

And we’re certainly not telling you what to do but we highly recommend booking yourself a trip to get out and amongst our beautiful naturescapes and enjoy this incredible planet and country we’re fortunate enough to inhabit. We are citizens, yes. But now more than ever, is time to go be a creature.


For January we’re offering $109/nt Winter Rates for you and Bushfire Relief for Australia.


20% of all reservations booked in January for January travel, will be donated to the above organizations to aid, assist and provide funds for victims, wildlife and firefighters.


Do something great for yourself and the planet all at once.

Australia is very responsible for sCAMPer Van’s existence truth be told...

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